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The Hyaluronic Tonic

My friends you return! It’s good to see you back. I have something in store for you today that will probably go down a bit better with all the golden oldies out there. To those of you that are above the age of 40, let me ask you what is the one physical thing about your body which gives you most grief and is constantly a thorn in your side.

I’m willing to bet that a fair amount of you would say that the one thing that is constantly irritating you and driving you up the wall is your skin, or the wrinkles that are starting to form on them. To all of you that do feel this way, fear not, help is on the way.

There are many different products out there that actively combat these signs of ageing. I’m not ashamed of my age, so I have no issue in telling you all that I too have a problem with the wrinkles on my body, especially my face. They have got steadily worse over the years, but this past year especially they have got much worse. I’d always thought that I wouldn’t be one to try out some sort of anti-wrinkle treatment; to be perfectly honest I always thought that any product that claimed to be able to heal you of your wrinkles must be hogwash! But now I’m willing to give it a go and see whether any of it can actually help me out.

wrinkled face

The list of products that claim to help in this field is never ending. From vitamin serums, to supplements, to special moisturisers; it’s safe to say I was well and truly lost. All I needed was for someone to just tell me what to get. Luckily that’s exactly what happened. A good friend of mine told me that something called Hyaluronic Acid Serum actually worked really well on his skin.

This was easily enough to give me the incentive to buy the stuff. I thought it was going to cost a lot too, but at twelve dollars it seemed like a steal. So what do I think of it? To tell you the truth I’m pretty darn happy about it! I definitely do see a noticeable improvement in how my skin looks and feels. I’ve barely used up any of the bottle too, so I’m looking forward to using this continuously of the coming months. Here’s to a younger looking face!

What’s In Store?

What to know what’s in store for 3epower? The truth is I cannot tell you right now. I hate to tease but I just wanted to let you know that we are coming back stronger than ever, so brace yourselves for another epic post coming your way very soon.

The True Power of Beard Shampoo

They say necessity is the mother of invention, and I definitely believe it when it comes to many new products I see being released today.
One particular niche that seems to have taken the western world by storm is men’s grooming.

Everywhere you look nowadays you can’t help but stumble upon some young whippersnapper who’s taken their chances and attempted to grow a full manly beard whilst being fully aware that there is a very large chance they might look completely stupid.

Who’s to know where this has come from? You could argue that mega celebrities such as David Beckham have helped propel the age of the bearded man from mere speculation to definite status. I for one, unlike many of my contemporaries, am not wholly against this movement.

I’ve always been a fan of facial hair. In previous years and relationships I’ve been pressured and hoaxed into always keeping the hairs on my face trim and neat. A handful of various corporate jobs didn’t help either. But now, in light of the ever increasing ubiquitous acceptance of general hairiness, I have finally ventured out into the unknown world of no shaving. It’s fuzzy, warm, slightly itchy and a long time overdue.

shampoo in beard

So what am I getting at? My point is that the fact beards are officially back means men’s grooming is officially back too. The power of the Internet and eCommerce has only helped the cause of budding entrepreneurs wanting to take a slice of opportunity pie that is there for the taking.

As you can imagine, many accessories have suddenly spawned, from oils to combs; from balms to shampoos; and from scissors to styling kit. I’m not incredibly vain, so I figured a simple shampoo would probably be suffice for me and my fairly adequate beard. I found and picked out this particular beard shampoo on amazon and it works a treat.

Long gone are the days of constant itching. I’m also happy to wake up and walk in front of the mirror each morning and find something far more manageable now.

I realise this quick little insert probably holds no interest to a great deal of you, but hey, what the hell. If you’ve got a beard then maybe my choice of shampoo will help you in some shape or form.

Bentonite Clay – Does It Have Deep Cleansing Powers?

Every now and then I do a bit of reading on blogs about eCommerce and so called “hot” new products. One that I remember reading about a few years ago was something called bentonite clay. This was a powder you could purchase that was supposed to have incredible healing powers. A looked at a number of products, and the general gist was that you were meant to mix it with cold water and let it rest for half an hour or so. After this you can slowly rub it into your face until you have a thin mask covering it. You’d then leave the mask for 20 minutes or so, and then wash it off win the shower or with warm water.
I’m not much of a beautician, and personally I feel my skin is pretty soft, but only the other day my partner was telling me that she thought the skin on my face was a bit coarse and could be a bit smoother. This quickly brought up my memory of reading about bentonite clay in the past, so I decided to look into it again. I was also interested to see whether its popularity had risen or potentially fallen over the last 18 months.

bentonite clay facial mask

I was pleased to see that it was doing as well as ever, and that many more people had started creating it and selling it online. This was good for me as it meant I had more options. After some more reading, I quickly learnt that it’s also sometimes referred to as Indian healing clay, as the powder itself comes from the Americas and was originally used by American Indians.

After a bit of time I found one I looked the look of. It had hundreds of good reviews, was in actuality very cheap, and had more uses than one. It turns out you can also put the powder in the bath, and works well at healing cuts and bruises. This was all I needed to know. I play soccer every weekend and I’m also getting the odd bruises and knocks. I also like to take baths after I finish so the clay seemed ideal.

clay bath

I wasn’t disappointed either after I’d bought it. Firstly, I took my girlfriends advice and tried making a facial mask. It worked pretty well actually. Even she said my face felt a lot smoother afterwards. Next up was the bath. This was great too! It was pretty timely actually because I had quite a big cut on my knee once I’d returned from soccer on Sunday afternoon. I quickly drew a bath, popped in some powder, and soaked in it for a good half an hour. The cut was extremely clean by the time I got out. I put a plaster over it and it had healed completely within the week. For such a small price, I’m certain I’ll be buying this again once it runs out.

I Have The Power

Many things interest me, but things that are innovative definitely spark my interest the most. I do a lot of reading, and am always hearing about interesting technologies and products that are being made or released. I wanted to be able to relay all of this information to those that are also interested, so this blog is the result.